class fedmsg.replay.ReplayContext(**config)

Bases: object

fedmsg.replay.check_for_replay(name, names_to_seq_id, msg, config, context=None)
fedmsg.replay.get_replay(name, query, config, context=None)

Replay queries

Currently, a query is the union of multiple criteria. It means that the more criteria you add, the bigger the result set should become. The following criteria are supported:

list - A list of integers, matching the seq_id attributes of the messages. It should return at most as many messages as the length of the list, assuming no duplicate. Supported by SqlStore.
int - A single integer matching the seq_id attribute of the messages. Should return a single message. It is intended as a shorthand for singleton seq_ids queries. Supported by SqlStore.
tuple - A couple of integers defining a range of seq_id to check. Supported by SqlStore
list - a list of UUIDs matching the msg_id attribute of the messages. Supported by SqlStore.
uuid - A single UUID for the msg_id attribute. Supported by SqlStore.
tuple - Couple of timestamps. It will return all messages emitted inbetween. Supported by SqlStore